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Online Convert WebApp – SoftwareVilla

Online Convert - Freeware

Convert spreadsheets to PDF with this free online XLS to PDF converter. Online-convert just asks you to upload the Excel file you want to convert to PDF and it does the rest of the job from its own. The web app lets you upload documents both from your PC and cloud storage service. Optionally, you can use the OCR functionality to convert scanned pages to searchable PDF files in a matter of seconds.
ZAMZAR WebApp – SoftwareVilla

Zamzar - Freeware

Zamzar is a popular web app that allows performing the conversion of XLS to PDF files with ease. Browse for a file on your PC or simply drag and drop the file to upload. Once done, your Excel spreadsheet will be converted to PDF automatically and there’s no need to customize any settings. With this free XLS to PDF converter your PDF looks exactly the way you want.
cometdocs WebApp – SoftwareVilla

cometdocs Inc. - Freeware

Cometdocs is a simple web application for all your PDF-related needs. Just hit the green button to upload files from your PC or import files from your Dropbox or Google Drive. Finally, enter a valid email address to receive the converted files. The XLS to PDF converter also includes an option to directly transfer files to the email address you provide.
DocsPal WebApp – SoftwareVilla

DocsPal - Freeware

If you are thinking about converting Excel files to PDF files, Docspal web app can be your best bet. To begin with, choose the original XLS file you want to convert and then select PDF as the output format, and wait until your file is converted. The XLS to PDF converter automatically sends a link to your email address to download the converted file.
youconvertit WebApp – SoftwareVilla

youconvertit - Freeware

Youconvertit is an excellent XLS to PDF converter when it comes to converting multiple Excel files at the same time. To start off, select one or more desired files that you want to convert. After uploading the files, just provide an email address and click the convert option. You will receive a download link in your email address once the conversion is finished.