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Online Convert WebApp – SoftwareVilla

Online Convert - 1 MB (Freeware)

Online-convert comes handy when you need to convert your PDF files into Word documents. You can use this online PDF converter just by uploading your document from your PC, entering the PDF URL, or by simply selecting a PDF from your cloud storage for a DOC conversion. Also, the web-based document converter enables you to convert PDF from any language, including Thai and French.
ZAMZAR WebApp – SoftwareVilla

Zamzar - 1 MB (Freeware)

Convert your PDFs into Word files using Zamzar, an outstanding web app. What makes this popular PDF to Word converter stand out is an array of formats it provides. Just drag and drop or upload your file to convert, select DOC format from the given list of formats, enter your email address to receive your converted Word file and finally click on the Convert button.
cometdocs WebApp – SoftwareVilla

cometdocs Inc. - 1 MB (Freeware)

Cometdocs is one of the leading online services to help you change the PDF file format into Word document. The web app offers the best-in-class security to your documents, so you can use it to convert your private and confidential files by uploading them to its secure servers. Use this online PDF to Word converter to convert your files in a convenient manner or without any difficulty.
DocsPal WebApp – SoftwareVilla

DocsPal - 1 MB (Freeware)

When it comes to the easiest way to convert your PDFs to Word documents, no other option is better than Docspal. It is a free online PDF to Word converter that allows you to convert up to 5 files simultaneously. You can convert your PDF files just by selecting them from your computer or by entering the file URL.
youconvertit WebApp – SoftwareVilla

youconvertit - 1 MB (Freeware)

Youconvertit is very helpful when you need to convert your PDFs into Word files, without installing any additional software. The web app is quite easy to use and makes the conversion process flawless. Once you arrive at the main screen, select the PDF file to be converted and enter your email address to get the Word file. With this online converter, you can share your converted files on social media networks as well.