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Audio Cutter WebApp – SoftwareVilla

Audio Cutter
123apps LLC - Freeware

Audio Cutter comes handy when you need to cut an audio file right from the browser. The web app lets you extract a sound track from a video to cut it as per your need. It supports over 300 file formats, including 3GP and DXA. No extraordinary aptitudes are required to use this MP3 cutter. Just upload an audio file, select the section you want to cut and save it to your hard drive.
ashbox Audio Editing WebApp – SoftwareVilla

ashbox Audio Editing
BinaryTranslator - Freeware

ashbox Audio Editing is an easy-to-use web app that is capable of cutting audios in a click or two from certain fragments. It supports an avalanche of audio and video formats. If you open a video file, only audio-track will be extracted that you can cut as you want. Best of all, the MP3 cutter gives you a full access to your songs anytime even if you’ve a weak Internet connection.
MP3 Cut WebApp – SoftwareVilla

MP3 Cut - Freeware

Making your own ringtones from a MP3 file has become so easy with MP3 Cut. It cuts your audios at the frame level making no noticeable quality loss. Since this MP3 cutter trims your music files locally, there is no need to upload your MP3 files to server. Enjoy the music you like the most and share your fresh ringtones with your friends and family with the help of this intuitive web app.
Online MP3 Cutter WebApp – SoftwareVilla

Online MP3 Cutter - Freeware

Online MP3 Cutter is a free web solution that can cut multiple audio tracks in a matter of seconds. You can cut your audio tracks just by clicking on the Open button and selecting a song in any format. With this web app, you can select the desired interval to cut and then click on Crop button. Finally, enter the name of your track and save it to listen it.
MP3 Cutter WebApp – SoftwareVilla

MP3 Cutter
MP3CUTTER.IN - Freeware

With MP3 Cutter, altering tracks has become seamless and easier. Cut your MP3 files right from your web browser with this web app. You don’t need to download your edited ringtones or sound files as this web app cuts your music files without uploading them to server. To use this audio cutter for free, just select an audio file, drag it to the given waveform graph, adjust starting & ending points, and finally cut and save it to disk.