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Online Convert WebApp – SoftwareVilla

Online Convert - Freeware

Convert your audio files between different formats with this web based M4A to MP3 converter. Online-convert lets you select the output format and choose the audio file you want to convert with ease. You can either upload audio files from your computer or enter the URL of the file you wish to convert. Besides, the online app also allows you to change the output audio quality.
ZAMZAR WebApp – SoftwareVilla

Zamzar - Freeware

If you want to convert audio files without messing your PC with such software, Zamzar is a great option to go for. It allows you to select the file you want to convert and choose the output format. Lastly, enter your email address to receive converted files. The M4A to MP3 converter even allows you to download audios directly by putting the URL.
DocsPal WebApp – SoftwareVilla

DocsPal - Freeware

DocsPal is a popular online converter that supports almost all types of documents, videos, audios, images, and more. The web app can be used as a M4A to MP3 converter where you can upload your desired audio files to be converted. It allows you to carry out the conversion process directly in your browser, and you can even get the download link in your email box.
youconvertit WebApp – SoftwareVilla

youconvertit - Freeware

Youconvertit is one of the simplest web-based converters that make it easy for you to convert audio files. The M4A to MP3 converter lets you upload audio files in M4A format and then convert them into MP3 format. Batch processing allows you to convert multiple audio files simultaneously. What’s more! You can even share these converted files on various social networks with ease.